Track/Race Preparation

The race track is the true test of a shop’s abilities and that’s where we flourish. We have decades of experience preparing and building a wide variety of race cars for just about every application including auto-cross, driver education events, time trials, drag racing, rally, and amateur and professional road racing.

Contact us to discuss your track/race upgrades and preparations!

Some of the services we provide:

  • Tech inspections
  • Corner balance and alignments
  • Custom tuning for use of race fuel
  • Aerodynamic upgrades
  • Installations
    • Track/Race suspension
    • Race seats/steering wheels/harnesses/safety nets
    • Cool shirt/helmet systems
    • Data acquisition/dashes
    • Gauges and data sensors
    • External oil coolers
    • Fire suppression systems
    • Electrical kill switches
    • Transponders
    • Communication systems
    • Fuel cells
    • Spoilers/Splitters/Diffusers/Undertrays/etc.